Thursday, March 25, 2010


As most of you would know, I shut down mainly cause it was going to shite. (I just mainly started ranting on about AC/DC) so I thought id start fresh and create a new blog that's lets say.... a lil more interesting.

It pretty much ended up like this...

Also as Mr McGuire suggested that we should create a journal of sorts, In addition to that I will be writing some short writings and hopefully you guys will be able to have a look and comment. But i wont do these until a little bit into the blog

I will start with this casual post though...

Today I got Pokemon Soul Silver
Dust off your old DS's and charge em up... the Pokemans are back! With an all new ga.... wait no... its a remake actually but it shall be epic.
A review of it shall follow later tonight once iv cracked it open and had a proper look.

and... thats it. Nothing much else to it.

So please follow over there ----> (Publicly this time please...)

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