Thursday, June 30, 2011


If you would like an invite, let me know.

P.S. It ties in well with Blogger, which is really sweeeeet.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

... and I am out

I've had a lot of fun with this blog and reading everyone else's but I think im done with it all. Since no one really posts anymore then I guess theres no point in doing so myself.

I think the whole blogging thing died after everyone got facebook. Thats another victory for Mark Zuckerberg. First Myspcae (which is closing down in June) and now our blogs.

Someday, if the whole blogging business picks up again ill start blogging also.


Friday, January 7, 2011

So imma

So imma tumblr whore too now. Check me out at

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Is a bunch of inconsistent, incompetent, idiotic fools who have no freaking clue on what the absolute fuck they are doing.
They told us 5 days to remove the line codes so that my new ISP could put their codes on there. 5 days is fair enough... except its now 3 FUCKING WEEKS LATER AND THEY FINALLY DECIDE TO REMOVE IT TODAY.

 I swear aanet is run by Satan or something.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hooray For Microsoft Excel

If any of you are like me, you like to count your chickens before they hatch. I'm very bad with this in terms of what my pay will be. Often I will sit down and manually calculate how much I will be getting paid for a certain week depending on how many hours I work.

I started getting sick of this, so today (thanks to my superior Microsoft Excel skills that I learnt in AIT last year) I created an Excel document that does it all for me.

All you need to do in the hours column from Monday down to Sunday is enter in what hours you are working. You also need to put in what your usual pay rate is and also what your Sunday pay rate is.
I also worked out the whole taxing bizzo too. I'm more than sure that what I entered was correct but if it is wrong I shall update it for you.

So here it is, you can download it for yo self and calculate how much money you'll be paid.
You'll need Office 2007 to run it... but don't fret if you have 2003 or below, I have created a converted version.


P.S. Because of a flaw in the formula I used, if your total hours is 0 then it will think that you are getting paid $18.45. This flaw won't appear in any other situations.

EDIT: Good idea Brandon. I just tried it though and it doesn't work. Just reverts to 0. I changed it to -1, which works.
I have updated this for you all.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Vinyl Record Collection

So as you all know (if you didn't, you do now) that I collect Vinyl records. I started just under a year ago when I got my first vinyl record with an AC/DC boxset. Before that I had always admired vinyl records and thought they were pretty cool so when I got my first, it really pushed me to get more. At the moment I have over about 25 vinyls but most of them are packed away if I don't listen to them (most of those have be given to me by my mum and her sisters from when they were kids.)

So heres my collection that I like to show off. Its small at the moment because I haven't bought one since about January (because of school n all -_____-) but I am planning on getting A LOT more now.

This is a rerelease vinyl copy of Highway to Hell. It may have been manufactured in the last year or so but its still nice to have and sounds awesome.
Probably my favourite vinyl from the collection. This is actually a fairly rare vinyl. When the album was being recorded, AC/DC was immediatly going to tour in Europe. The record company wanted to release Powerage in Europe before they started touring. Just one problem. Some of the album had not been finshed recording and most of it hadn't been mixed yet. So the record company just said "give us what you have got" and so they did. The sound is a lot more raw and hardcore 'DC fans actually prefer the mixing of this album than the international release. This release actually has a song called Cold Hearted Man which was not released as part of the finished international edition. Theres only a few of these going around in the world now. I picked it up on eBay for 14 bucks. Absolute steal.

This one is Back in Black that my Aunty & Uncle gave me. The sleeve is very old and has wear and tear (since it is from when the album came out... the price sticker is still on the back... 15 bucks) but the vinyl still plays really well.

Another reissue. Razors Edge. Picked this one up from JB Hi-Fi.
For Those About To Rock. This one is another reissue as a Gatefold sleeve (you'll see what that means in the next image). From memory Miguel has one of these also that is signed by the whole band. Wanna do a swap Miggy?
Thats why its called a gatefold. Cause it opens up like a gate. :D
This is an Australian only release of T.N.T. that was given to me by a friends Dad. These aren't rare but they aren't easy to come by either. This album is known as High Voltage overseas and has a track listing that is a bit different.

The inside gatefold of T.N.T.

EDIT: Theres one more AC/DC one I have that I forgot to take a photo of. Picture up soon.
Dark Side of the Moon :D

1984 by Van Halen. I picked this up at a record store in the city for 10 bucks. Plays really well.

Sabotage by Black Sabbath. Good album but I have to admit, It doesn't get played heaps.
Dynasty by KISS. Given to me by my Aunty & Uncle. Plays well but cover is starting to tear.
War of the Worlds. This was given to me by my mum and its in perfect condition. One of the very few musicals I actually like.

This is my setup. Here is my first Vinyl player, its a lot more "in depth" (per say) because you can adjust the speed to get it as accurate as possible. You can also change the weight of the needle which I have found handy in many situations.
This is the sound system for my player. On the top is another vinyl player but its pretty straight forward. There are other speakers for the set around my room.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

... IT IS HERE!.... :O.

It has finally arrived. After pre-ordering it a while ago from JB Hi-Fi and many delays... the damn box set has finally arrived. I got a text yesterday from JB Hi-Fi saying its ready to pick up. So in the wee hours of this morning (9am) I went and picked it up.

As soon as I opened it up, I knew this was gonna be truly epic.
Heres pics of the un-boxing and a little review at the end. (Sorry for the poor image quality, they were shot in my study which isn't lit that well.)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

World War III Predicted To Begin on Monday.

Before I continue, Id just like to point out my new Facebook like button at the bottom. Just clickety that down there and it will post a link to that post on your facebook. Think of it as spreading the love.

So apparently the world is going back to war for the 3rd time. All predicted by some Bulgarian crackpot clairvoyant named Baba Vanga.

To me it seems like a load of crap, but its interesting to read about because this woman predicted the events up until about the year 5000 (List of predictions at the bottom).

Monday, November 1, 2010

New Wax Audio Song

Heres the new Wax Audio Mashup.
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana mashed up with The Final Countdown - Europe... to create The Final Teen Spirit.


A Bone To Pick With Man Camp

So I was just thinking about how awesome holidays are gonna be in JUST OVER 2 WEEKS PEOPLE!
So I was thinking about man camp too and how thats gonna be a bunch of fun... but then I realized, this adventure we shall be embarking on cuts into a very very exciting event. What is this exciting event that you ask? Well children, this exciting event I speak of is none other than the event of putting up the Christmas tree at the start of advent.

Now, laugh at me all you must, but I FUCKING LOVE putting up the Christmas tree, its the best part about Christmas, other than the free shit. This year I shall have to miss out on this momentous occasion. Thanks man camp.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Magpies... and why they shouldn't fuck with me.

Currambine Train station. You all know it (if not theres a diagram soon).
Often I have to catch the train to work so I walk down to Currambine Train station to get to Joondalup Station and then catch buses and such.

I have had a problem for a while though.

Every time without fail, this one magpie will swoop me as i'm walking up the pathway to the train station entrance. Iv been swooped by magpies before and its not fun.. He brings terror to every person that needs to commute from the train station to the pathway or car park, thus I have named him Terry the Magpie.

If you look to below, you'll see a very crudely drawn diagram I have made for you all.

  • The red area represents the pathway (ill be refering to this as the "danger zone" 'cause it sounds cool.)
  • The green zone represents train station
  • The blue area represents the opposite end of the carpark.

So anyway, i'll be walking down the pathway and as soon as I enter the danger zone, I hear SKWAAAAAAAAAARK. Thats when I know i'm being attacked from above (danger zones, being attacked by above, this is starting to sound like something out of Top Gun).
Most of the time the magpie will be just outside of the danger zone before it starts to swoop me BUT some occasions it will fly from the blue area all the way to the danger zone JUST to attack me.

I'm starting to get really sick of this... which brings me to yesterday.

So yesterday I was heading to work, I entered the danger zone and I had totally forgotten about Terry. So I heard the SKWARRRRRK and started running. After I had turned the bend in the danger zone, Terry took a pretty good swoop and brushed my hair. So as I raised my hands over my head so I wouldn't get hit in the head by it (iv seen someone get hit in the back of the head by this magpie before and trust me, it looked pretty painful). The magpie takes another swoop at me from behind and as I'm still raising my hands (which where in a fist) up.... BAM I unintentionally punch it. As I had won this battle, it flew off and I could safely walk through the rest of the danger zone without being attacked.

Thats right, I punched a fucking magpie. I'm not proud that I hurt it or anything (I mean, if it flew off it should be alright) but seriously, has anyone ever remotely touched a non-domesticated bird before?! I have.
Now I hope this magpie learns not to attack me again 'cause I will fuck his shit up...

Well no not really, id probably just right a letter to the council but seriously all magpies, I hope Terry tells you all about me... DON'T FUCK WITH ME.

Monday, October 18, 2010

What to do with an iPhone

"Son, what should we do with this iPhone?"
"Lets put it into space"

And yes that actually happened.
Well they just used the iPhone for GPS tracking capabilities so they can find the HD camera afterwards but still... Its freaking amazing. Check out the AMAZING footage here

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy 50th Birthday Joey Belladonna!