Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Magpies... and why they shouldn't fuck with me.

Currambine Train station. You all know it (if not theres a diagram soon).
Often I have to catch the train to work so I walk down to Currambine Train station to get to Joondalup Station and then catch buses and such.

I have had a problem for a while though.

Every time without fail, this one magpie will swoop me as i'm walking up the pathway to the train station entrance. Iv been swooped by magpies before and its not fun.. He brings terror to every person that needs to commute from the train station to the pathway or car park, thus I have named him Terry the Magpie.

If you look to below, you'll see a very crudely drawn diagram I have made for you all.

  • The red area represents the pathway (ill be refering to this as the "danger zone" 'cause it sounds cool.)
  • The green zone represents train station
  • The blue area represents the opposite end of the carpark.

So anyway, i'll be walking down the pathway and as soon as I enter the danger zone, I hear SKWAAAAAAAAAARK. Thats when I know i'm being attacked from above (danger zones, being attacked by above, this is starting to sound like something out of Top Gun).
Most of the time the magpie will be just outside of the danger zone before it starts to swoop me BUT some occasions it will fly from the blue area all the way to the danger zone JUST to attack me.

I'm starting to get really sick of this... which brings me to yesterday.

So yesterday I was heading to work, I entered the danger zone and I had totally forgotten about Terry. So I heard the SKWARRRRRK and started running. After I had turned the bend in the danger zone, Terry took a pretty good swoop and brushed my hair. So as I raised my hands over my head so I wouldn't get hit in the head by it (iv seen someone get hit in the back of the head by this magpie before and trust me, it looked pretty painful). The magpie takes another swoop at me from behind and as I'm still raising my hands (which where in a fist) up.... BAM I unintentionally punch it. As I had won this battle, it flew off and I could safely walk through the rest of the danger zone without being attacked.

Thats right, I punched a fucking magpie. I'm not proud that I hurt it or anything (I mean, if it flew off it should be alright) but seriously, has anyone ever remotely touched a non-domesticated bird before?! I have.
Now I hope this magpie learns not to attack me again 'cause I will fuck his shit up...

Well no not really, id probably just right a letter to the council but seriously all magpies, I hope Terry tells you all about me... DON'T FUCK WITH ME.

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