Monday, November 1, 2010

A Bone To Pick With Man Camp

So I was just thinking about how awesome holidays are gonna be in JUST OVER 2 WEEKS PEOPLE!
So I was thinking about man camp too and how thats gonna be a bunch of fun... but then I realized, this adventure we shall be embarking on cuts into a very very exciting event. What is this exciting event that you ask? Well children, this exciting event I speak of is none other than the event of putting up the Christmas tree at the start of advent.

Now, laugh at me all you must, but I FUCKING LOVE putting up the Christmas tree, its the best part about Christmas, other than the free shit. This year I shall have to miss out on this momentous occasion. Thanks man camp.


  1. OMFG! ME TOO! !!! NOOOO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!! screw camp im staying home!

  2. Putting up the christmas tree ends up in arguements... tend to stay away from it...