Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Vinyl Record Collection

So as you all know (if you didn't, you do now) that I collect Vinyl records. I started just under a year ago when I got my first vinyl record with an AC/DC boxset. Before that I had always admired vinyl records and thought they were pretty cool so when I got my first, it really pushed me to get more. At the moment I have over about 25 vinyls but most of them are packed away if I don't listen to them (most of those have be given to me by my mum and her sisters from when they were kids.)

So heres my collection that I like to show off. Its small at the moment because I haven't bought one since about January (because of school n all -_____-) but I am planning on getting A LOT more now.

This is a rerelease vinyl copy of Highway to Hell. It may have been manufactured in the last year or so but its still nice to have and sounds awesome.
Probably my favourite vinyl from the collection. This is actually a fairly rare vinyl. When the album was being recorded, AC/DC was immediatly going to tour in Europe. The record company wanted to release Powerage in Europe before they started touring. Just one problem. Some of the album had not been finshed recording and most of it hadn't been mixed yet. So the record company just said "give us what you have got" and so they did. The sound is a lot more raw and hardcore 'DC fans actually prefer the mixing of this album than the international release. This release actually has a song called Cold Hearted Man which was not released as part of the finished international edition. Theres only a few of these going around in the world now. I picked it up on eBay for 14 bucks. Absolute steal.

This one is Back in Black that my Aunty & Uncle gave me. The sleeve is very old and has wear and tear (since it is from when the album came out... the price sticker is still on the back... 15 bucks) but the vinyl still plays really well.

Another reissue. Razors Edge. Picked this one up from JB Hi-Fi.
For Those About To Rock. This one is another reissue as a Gatefold sleeve (you'll see what that means in the next image). From memory Miguel has one of these also that is signed by the whole band. Wanna do a swap Miggy?
Thats why its called a gatefold. Cause it opens up like a gate. :D
This is an Australian only release of T.N.T. that was given to me by a friends Dad. These aren't rare but they aren't easy to come by either. This album is known as High Voltage overseas and has a track listing that is a bit different.

The inside gatefold of T.N.T.

EDIT: Theres one more AC/DC one I have that I forgot to take a photo of. Picture up soon.
Dark Side of the Moon :D

1984 by Van Halen. I picked this up at a record store in the city for 10 bucks. Plays really well.

Sabotage by Black Sabbath. Good album but I have to admit, It doesn't get played heaps.
Dynasty by KISS. Given to me by my Aunty & Uncle. Plays well but cover is starting to tear.
War of the Worlds. This was given to me by my mum and its in perfect condition. One of the very few musicals I actually like.

This is my setup. Here is my first Vinyl player, its a lot more "in depth" (per say) because you can adjust the speed to get it as accurate as possible. You can also change the weight of the needle which I have found handy in many situations.
This is the sound system for my player. On the top is another vinyl player but its pretty straight forward. There are other speakers for the set around my room.

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