Tuesday, November 9, 2010

... IT IS HERE!.... :O.

It has finally arrived. After pre-ordering it a while ago from JB Hi-Fi and many delays... the damn box set has finally arrived. I got a text yesterday from JB Hi-Fi saying its ready to pick up. So in the wee hours of this morning (9am) I went and picked it up.

As soon as I opened it up, I knew this was gonna be truly epic.
Heres pics of the un-boxing and a little review at the end. (Sorry for the poor image quality, they were shot in my study which isn't lit that well.)


Even comes with a handy ribbon to pull out all the contents of it quickly. Classy.

Another photo where yet again, Lars is pointing to the camera

Slayer being... well, Slayer.

Anthrax, had a killer performance.
Couldn't help but notice that Scott Ian has an Australian AC/DC tour shirt on, I asked him
about it on twitter and he said he went to the Sydney show. Awesome.

Megadeth also had an epic performance. See you in one month and two days!

The booklet

Frank Bello is having a fucking blast.

The CDs :O

The Poster
The other side has the promo poster from the lead up to the event.

The DVDs.


Replica of the guitar pick used by the artists. As seen held by Mr Hetfield on the front box.
It gives you magical guitar playing powers.

Theres a bonus documentary included also, which is really cool. It pretty much just shows the lead up on the day and the day before. Nice to see how pumped all the artists and the fans are. One guy is talking to Tommy Araya and starts breaking down due to the sheer joy of meeting his hero. Was good to see Tommy give him a hug and say "Yeah man, you're alright, lifes good!". Shows they actually care.

To be honest, I really haven't listened/watched to the Metallica parts much 'cause iv already got a 2 DVDs and a CD from the World Magnetic tour, so its stuff I really have heard before.

Slayer I have listened to a bit but it sounds a little muddy to me on the CDs (it may just be the EQ I am using though) but nevertheless, they absolutely ripped it up that night.

The Megadeth CD and DVD I have been listening to A LOT. Although it seems Dave Mustaine re-recorded the vocals, it is absolutely kick arse.

The Anthrax CD and DVD has been flogged just as much as Megadeth. Its absolutely great to see Joey Belladonna back with Anthrax, who gave it all they got that night.

This box-set is just simply killer. At a price of 66 bucks, it's an absolute steal (Take note AC/DC, they've delivered more content than Backtracks and charged me 500 dollars less...).

I'v seen the concert before but watching it again at home (without risking having my head hit by Slayer fans throwing cinema chairs) is (safe) just simply awesome.
The songs that were left out of the original broadcast are now also included.

I give the boxset 9.5/10.