Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Best Podcast In The World

Thats right. Funnier than Hamish & Andy, funnier than the Blow Parade...

Iv been listening to this podcast for a few years now and it absolutely smashes all other podcasts. Iv wanted to blog about it before but I thought that id keep it to myself until now. The show is called...

Get This.

It was a radio show from 2006 & 2007 that starred

Tony Martin (New Zealand comedian from The Late Show (the Australian late show))
Ed Kavalee (You would have seen him in Thank God Your Here and he also hosted TV Burp Australia)
Richard Marsland (who was a script writer for Rove and a few other Australian comedy shows but unfortunately committed suicide in 2008)

and every episode they had a guest co-host in (usually a comedian)

At the end of 2007 for some odd reason Triple M decided to axe the show... which was strange because the show had gained a cult following over east and protests were held outside the studios demanding that Get This would return in 2008.

The show didn't return and later in 2008 Marsland committed suicide. Obviously the show wouldn't be revived in respect to Marsland so any last hopes for the shows return by fans were put down.

The show is extremely funny, it has a lot of recurring jokes that you may not get at first but as you listen through the episodes you'll get them. Theres a few hundred episodes and I still haven't listened to them all. but i'm getting through them.

The first few shows are a bit different of the usual episodes so I suggest to get a random random show from 2007 to start off with. Theres a few episodes with Ross Noble in them and they are the funniest ones iv heard out of all the shows.

Heres a link to the full episodes


Don't get the episodes from iTunes as they are the radio stations official podcasts and are a cut down version of the show, this website has the episodes in full.

Over the years a few sites hosting the full episodes have gone down and so this may go down unexpectedly but its been up for a few years now and its been pretty stable


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