Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mario Galaxy 2 Leaked Online and Hurt Locker Is Suing You!

Well, Mario Galaxy 2 got leaked online about 18 hours ago. Doesn't surprise me that it did though. For some reason, i'm actually going to BUY this game(yes, I just said that...) but ill download it until it comes out in Australia. One things for sure, ill wait until its actually released first after this case appeared during the week.

Voltage Pictures, the production company of "The Hurt Locker", the movie that won a handful of Academy Awards and other crap like that, are now suing torrenters who downloaded the movie before its release. The reason behind this is that, even though it was critically acclaimed, it pretty much grossed jack shit. So as any media production company would do, they blame it on teh internets. Claiming that it grossed nothing because people had downloaded it before its cinematic (now thats a word I don't use enough) release, the company is now suing thousands of online users. If you downloaded the movie AFTER its cinematic release, your in the all clear but if you downloaded it before, your in shit. BUT to me this seems like a gigantic load of shit. First off, most people don't torrent a movie because they don't want to pay to see it or buy it, it's because they can't afford it or either don't really want to see it that much (to go off to a cinema to see it). Secondly, I and a lot of others had barely heard of the Hurt Locker until it won a few awards. Sorry but whoever managed the advertisement aspect side of the movie did a really shitty job. Thirdly, there was barely any exposure to the film, when it was out, it was only out in a few cinemas and it wasn't in cinemas for very long.

Sorry but it seems that they
a) Thought "f*ck, we've made no money out of this low-budget film, I know! lets sue some people!"
b) Are just passing on the blame to internet users for their lack of preparation when it came to releasing the film.

Note to Voltage Pictures.. Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

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