Monday, July 19, 2010


Well today I decided to spend most of the money you guys gave me for my Birthday. Thank You so much, I really appreciate it!
Also thank you to Annie and Hannah for your awesome Tab book, it's epic!

So anyways I bought a PSP with some games n shite ;D
I got the PSP & Toy Story 3 bundle (which was cheaper than buying the system standalone... yeah don't ask me why). I also bought GUN (which is an awesome game that I used to play heaps) and God of War (Which is also an epic game itself!)

Also heres some videos of hilarity from the party. Thankyou all for coming, I hope you really enjoyed it! 
Also thanks to Geoff and Tom for helping clean up afterwards, appreciated lads.
Anyways here are the vids but be warned though the camera is very, very shoddy. I'm sorry the quality isn't that good and its quite dark but Id thought id upload them anyway!
Unfortunately I missed the good parts of the dances but these may remind you of it!

Daniel M and Conrad's Dance

Daniel W's Pimp Dance.


  1. Chains of Olympus is an awesome game.
    It's got a very mild sex scene with an explosive candle, heheh