Friday, August 13, 2010

The Final Frontier is here!

So I preordered the Final Frontier, Iron Maidens new album, to pick up on monday which is the day of its Worldwide release.
So I'm at JB Hi-Fi yesterday and walk in and Clark points out the album on a shelf and i'm thinking wtf? So I picked it up and took it to the counter and said "Ummm I have a preorder could I pick that up please?".
So I pay at the counter hoping they don't release that it hasn't actually been released yet in the process of the transaction going through. So I pay, they give it to me and I said "Ya know, its not released till Monday right?"
the chick out the counter had the kinda "ohhh......." look on her face but the guy next to her said that they can put it out whenever, which is kinda worrying since it did have an emborgo on it.

So I got home and I has the final frontier!!

I'v listened to it and its freaking fantastic. My favorite track so far is Isle of Avalon.
The Alcheimist sounds a lot like older Maiden songs which is good.

Overall I give the album an 8 Eddie the Head heads out of 10

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