Thursday, April 8, 2010

iPhone OS 4.0

So last night, Apple had a conference about the new OS for iPod Touch and iPhone.
To sum it up, its fuckin' wicked and theres barely any need to jailbreak now...

Heres it all summed up. This is taken from the user "Jelly" at

iPhone OS 4.0 will be out for iPod Touches and iPhones in Summer 2010.
iPhone OS 4.0 will be out for iPads in Fall 2010.
iPhone 3G/s and iPod touch 3rd gen will have all features.
iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G will have limited features.
iPod touch 1G and iPhone 2G are not supported.

On April 8th, 2010, hundreds of people gathered at one place to celebrate a new version of the iPhone Operation Operating (fail :P) System: 4.0. If you didn't know about this, or you were at school or work like others, here is a round up on what happened:

Information on products announced....
450,000 iPads were sold to this date (8th April /10)
600,000 Books in the iBooks store
3.5 million iPad apps downloaded to this date.
4 billion regular apps downloaded to this date (185,000 regular apps on the App Store)
3500 iPad apps in total on the App Store.
There are a total of 85 million iPods and iPhones bought to this date.
Mobile Safari takes 64% of the mobile browser cake.

"There will be 1500 new APIs. In-app SMS, Calendar, Automated testing, Full map overlays, full access to still and video camera data, carrier information, ICC profiles, Image I/O, half-curl page transition, Quick Look, package-based documents, call event notifications, iPod remote control accessories, Draggable map annotations and a few more. Nothing super amazing in here that we see in here." -Jason Chen (Gizmodo)

Here are some new items added:
-In-app SMS
-Bluetooth keyboards
-5X digital zoom (camera)
-home screen wallpaper! (change lock screen, homescreen, or both)
-MULTITASKING (double-click home button to use) Here's how it works. You can have 4 (EDIT: it can hold more than 4. This was found out on an engadget first look video) apps in the background. To keep your device from slowing, every developer can choose which aspects of their app to background. Therefore, the whole app isn't backgrounded: just main parts of the app. NOT FOR 2G iPod, 3G iPhone
-Unified Inbox
-Folders - Kind of a better version of the Jailbreak app "Categories". Removes clutter of apps in the springboard. Easy to find applications now.
-iBooks Store for iPhone/touch
-Enterprise - Even better data protection. It encrypts email and attachments. There will be APIs available so developers can encrypt stuff inside their own apps. Also, Mobile Device management.
-Game Center - A giant Apple-made social gaming center. Nuff said.
-iAds (there have been 1 billion ad impressions per day, Apple wants in) Apple is helping developers (free ones as well) add advertisements to make money.

Seven Services:
1. Background audio - music from apps in the background
2. Voice-over (VoIP) - talk over VoIp (Skype, etc) while in another app
3. Background location - GPS in the background, indication in status bar of location tracking
4. Push - (After 9 months, they've pushed over 10 billion notifications)
5. Local Notifications
6. Task Completion - finish task in background
7. Fast App Switching - app stops completely, and starts from where it left off when you're back.

Looks like ill be unjailbreaking once this comes out...

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